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Coming Home Psychotherapy

Reconnect with Your True Nature

Reconnect Psychotherapy in Corsham Wiltshire

Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy with Naomi

Core Process Psychotherapy in Corsham Wiltshire

From an early age we can experience challenge in relationship with our caregivers, sensing our wholeness as unacceptable. In response our child-self adapts to survive, in these adaptations we hide our true nature.

As a result we may face difficulty in relationship with ourselves and others, this can have a huge impact on our quality of life. Unconsciously, through stories, we see the world not how it is, but how we are. As children these stories helped us make sense of the world, however now as adults they can limit our capacity to live fully with connection.

Mindfulness helps to shine a light on these unconscious processes, bringing awareness, space and compassion to the wounded areas which lay beneath. When we can start witnessing our thoughts and feelings with spacious awareness, their grip loosens and we can make new choices and offer some flexibility to our limiting beliefs.

Core Process Psychotherapy is a body-based, integrative, relational approach, in which the therapeutic relationship becomes a safe space to explore what it is to be with another. There is a real opportunity to start a journey of self discovery and healing, supported and responded to in a way that  encourages  awareness, self compassion and wholeness. Coming home to the freedom of our true nature. 

Booking & Availability

  • First 30 minute consultation free                                                    

  • Senior Trainee of Core Process Psychotherapy rate of £45 for         1 hour thereafter                                                                                           

  • Work primarily in person, some online availability                              

  • Please email for availability & further information                           

  •                                                                                                          *Availability Thursday 3 pm & Friday 8.30 am*

Core Process Psychotherapy in Corsham Wiltshire
Core Process Psychotherapy Corsham Wiltshire Flowing ~ Life ~  Breath ~ Trust
Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy Corsham Wiltshire
Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Corsham Wiltshire
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